Beauty: Fire Opal Earrings

The other day I was scrolling through my social feed and came across 'Fire Opal' earrings. They looked stunning, a round stone set in brass, with hints of gold, indigo, pearl and pink. Naturally, I presumed a stone like this would come with a very wealthy price tag, but none the less clicked onto the link anyway. For once, I was pleasantly mistaken. £16 for a pair of Pink Fire Opal earrings, I could hardly believe my luck! So, as I'm sure most of you would in this situation, I started to leave little hints for my friends, hoping for a birthday present that would replace socks or the non-refundable gift of a warm hug. I snapped the site, with a clear view of the link, mentioned something about birthday gifts, said I didn't have many nice pairs of earrings... I was (to quote Mr Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal) as subtle as a gun. 

So here I am, feeling rather spoiled, (10 days post-hinting) with a camera roll full of up close shots of my delicious new pair of Pink Fire Opal earrings, and still pouring the Internet for a new birthday hint... Enjoy

Even though the stone is roughly 2cm wide, it's not too heavy on the ears, thanks to the weight of the brass. 

I particularly liked the fact that the stone holds so many different colours. I used a flash so you can get an idea of what it's like in different lights. Mesmerising hu?

So what do you think? Do you like the sparkly jewellery look or are you more of a minimalist? Drop me a few links of your favourite pieces below xxx


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