Travel: Costal Escape to Brighton

A few weekends ago, me and a friend decided to take a break from city life and exam stress, and head towards the British Coast. We spent two nights in eastbourne, full of ice cream and warm evenings. We spent our nights in her family's hot tub, which is basically the definition of bliss on a cold dark night. I took my trusty camera along, and managed to capture some of my favourite places along the south coast. 

 Do you have nay snaps over the weekend to share? Holiday pics or just a few shameless selfies? Leave me links to your Instagram below xx


  1. I had a friend visit Brighton a few years back. His photos made me want to visit ... and yours even more so! :)

  2. Haha thats good to hear. The sunsets and the water make for some really stunning photographs!
    Its worth a visit :)

    xx Beth