Benefit High Beam Review

So. Many. People. have recommended Benifit's High Beam Highlighter ( £19.50 ). I've been looking for a highlighter for absolutely ages, so I was really happy when I was given a sample of the product by family member. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed...

Can anyone else see the highlighter? Anyone? Maybe I just have super absorbent skin...?

The packaging? Neat. It isn't sprawled with loads of small print text (Barry M nail varnish, I'm indirecting that at you) The curly font does live up to the high beam name and price tag, although the plastic makes it feel more like a lip gloss than a skin product. The applicator is a thick haired brush, which to be honest, made things rather tricky. The formula is quite thick, and I just think that something like a doe foot applicator would make transferring it directly onto skin a little easier. One huge problem I have with this product is it's setting time. Within about a minute, the liquid is rock hard, so you have to be very quick about blending before its too late. The problem with blending is.. That is makes the product look pretty much non-existant. I know that a highlighter is meant to be subtle, but honestly? The only way this highlighter actually illuminated my cheekbones was with the flash on.. and it was very zoomed in. Over all, would I use this product again? Probably not, I'll stick to highlight powders, they're buildable, and not gonna cost be a fortune. Sorry Benefit - I'm not a fan of this one!



  1. I also tend to prefer highlighting powders above the liquids, but recently I've started using liquids too, and I think the effect is more 'intense'. I'm surprised you didn't like Benefit's High Beam: I've heard so many good things about it (but never really tested it out myself because the price).

    X Yasmine//Cloudy

    1. Yeah I agree, a liquid is definitely more intense, thats probably why I prefer my powders!
      Yeah I'm a bit shocked too, I thought it would be a staple item straight away!
      Oh well, the search for the perfect highlighter continues!
      xx Beth

  2. I have never tried any liquid highlighters and I think that I'm just going to stick to powder ones!

    Sarah |

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that---especially when it cost so much! But, the highlight that you were able to capture (even though you had to zoom!) looks so lovely on you <3 You will probably love MAC's soft and gentle~
    She Will Be

  4. I used to work for Benefit so love this.

    Just tap it in very lightly and build it up till it shows!

    Katie Loves ~ UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

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