Secret Garden Party 2015

You may have noticed that my blog has been deserted for the last week. (sorry x1000 for not being organised enough to schedule posts, been such a busy bee..!) But I have a valid excuse... I was working at the amazing Secret Garden Party Festival. Filled with tents, firewalks, bars, hot tubs, spas, massages, tarantulas and even paragliders, the end of July is by far my favourite time of year. I managed to take a few pictures when I wasn't on shift, which was (unfortunately) before and after the event. Enjoy!

The lovely lot at the information tent. Bubbles anyone?

Mate who is convinced he's a cherub?

The Sanctuary Lake (and also where I need to get proposed to?) 
Mud. Mud. Mud everywhere.
The Main Stage! Need I say more
Slow shutter speed as fire performers do their thin

The Big Burn, where they set fire to a venue floating on a lake. Total madness
My Favourite Cocktail - The Blizzard. Coconut milk, white cranberry, and vodka. Yes please.
These charming lads over at the SmokeStak. Great pulled pork burger :)

A few of the bands I really enjoyed this year:
Cat Empire
Caravan Palace
The Acid
Route 64

A few stalls I really enjoyed this year:
Flaming Cactus
(Does an amazing nacho selection)
(Met a lovely guy who was working 24 shifts ?!? and fixed me up with my nutella marshmallow oreo biscuit crepes at stupid o'clock in the morning every night)
Delish, meaty pulled pork burgers. Yum.
Coconut King
(Fresh coconuts, cut open with a straw, the fluid is perfect to rehydrate!)

I was hoping to get a huge gallery of people, events, festival style, food... but working shifts all day and then wanting to store my camera safely at night made this close to impossible. Hope the few I managed to nab whilst on site live up to expectations. 
xox Beth 



  1. Wow, that looks amazing! I'm so jealous you got to work there! I absolutely love the shots at the information booth; the bubbles look so 'serene'.


    1. Aw thanks Yasmine, I love the bubble shots too :)
      Got to say, I do love a good festival, nothing more freeing than camping, music and lakes! xx