DIY Stripy Bath Bombs

One thing I've been really getting into is a bit of home pampering. Managing to find a few of my home remedy books (The Holistic beauty book / Beauty oils and butters, I found my beloved bath bomb recipes! I use to always try out different bath bombs from Lush and then try to recreate them myself. So here's my fool proof recipe for stripy bath bombs.

You Will Need
A fragrance or essential oil
For best results: A bottle of water with a spray nozzle or if not, a cup of water
3 part Bicarbonate of Soda
1 part Citric Acid (you can normally find packets of this in food shops for about 70p)
Powdered colouring for best results, or normal food colouring

I used fragrance oils to scent my bombs. You may use essential oils, however some sites do say that using essential oils can be a bit harsh directly on the skin, so maybe mix your favourite smell with a carrier oil such as hazel or olive which is a lot more soothing. I am using honeysuckle, white musk, lavender, and my favourite summer fragrance - tangerine.  

I didn't use precise measurements, just used the 3:1 bicarb to citric acid proportion till I had a bowl full of mixture. I found that using the cap of the soda pot was perfect. 3 caps to 1 cap for about 6 small bath bombs.

I then separated my mixture into two bowls, one for my orange mixture and one for my white mixture. First thing is to add your colouring and scents. I used a few drops of honeysuckle and white musk in my white mixture, and tangerine with powdered orange food colouring in my second bowl. Mix thoroughly. 
Then, using a spray nozzle, I damped the mixture and mixed thoroughly. Do not splash or pour water onto your mixture, because it will activate the ingredients. If you don't have a spray, wet your fingers with a bit of water and mix. You want to be able to press your mixture into shapes, but not so its damp - otherwise it will expand and won't be any good. 
Next, you have to try and pack your mixture in as firmly as possible, so that they form solid blocks. (Its better to try and press in and set a slightly crumbly mixture than take it out, add more water and risk activating your bath bombs! You can use anything for a mould, get creative here. (I'm thinking of trying toilet rolls for cylinder shapes). I used a deep set ice cube tray to mould my bath bombs, however a quick search on eBay, Etsy or Amazon can get you a wide selection of interesting moulds. I've ordered a sphere mould for a more basic design, but you'll find pretty much anything on-line if you search hard enough. (I've got my eye on this rose one from an Etsy shop).

And voila! Stripy bath bombs. I loved experimenting with the different colours and scents. A handful of these will make a really relaxing bath, so get making - add some petals, glitter, swirls, Tag me (@bethstumbles) on instagram so I can see. But for now.... My bath awaits!

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