How to Escape London | Forest Walks

With the awkward British weather, it's difficult to predict a day. I visited the cinema on a day that turned out to be baking hot, and then went to go read in the garden moments before a sudden down pour; rip Kindle. However my Dad and I decided to grit our teeth, and head towards epping forest for a bit of a trek. We managed to get across about..... 400 metres of the 6,000 acres of land, so you know, we basically conquered it. And at no point what so ever did we have to ask a trio of lovely elderly ladies for the directions back to the carpark. Nope not at all.

One thing I loved about the forests was how unexplored everything felt. We'd walk through a thicket of trees and be presented with a beautiful little lake filled with ducks, a strange winding path or even the odd abandoned teepee made from logs. I honestly felt as if I was stepping onto fresh snow, and that once I had left one space, it would vanish.

"When I was a kid I was fascinated by space
And I learned that time slows near a black hole
Inside a black hole time stops altogether.Whether or not this theory will ever be proved,I’m moved to believe that this would be the perfect place to love someone. ― Shane Koyczan"

What do you do to take a break? Leave me a comment below :)
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  1. Your photography, Beth! <3 I'm in love!
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Ahaha thank you! Your such a star <3

  2. I love this post! Great pictures, and a perfect quote