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Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

If there's one thing you'll learn to know about me, it's that I have a disturbing strong love for phycological thrillers. Really twisted crime novels in the perspective of an off the roads serial killer. I enjoy being able to read a perspective of the world that is a little different. For example as a kid I loved The story of the dog in the nighttime which featured a little boy called with autism. In the last year, I read Gone Girl, and absolutely fell in love with it. For those of you who haven't read it or seen the film adaptation (which in my view was completely mis-casted and does not live up to the intensity of the book in any way.) it's about a husband and wife, and the possibility of the wife's death. One thing author Gillian Flynn does amazingly is surprise us. She manages to create elaborate plot twists with shocking, dark outcomes. So I decided to try another Gillian Flynn: "Dark Places."

I am currently about 200 pages through the 500, and I have to say, I am having real trouble getting into this one. I understand that her style is relatively slow before the massive twist hits and things get fast paced, however this really isn't doing it for me. So far we have got to know main character Libby Day, who's family was murdered when she was the ripe age of 7, and the only other survivor - her brother Ben is now in prison for life. It's clear to see that grown up 30 year old Libby is messed up as she seems to constantly use her family's massacre as an excuse to squeeze a few coins of the press. However after being contacted by a "kill club" she is told that if she relives her memories, mets her brother, finds a long lost father, talks about her experience, she gets payed big bucks. For 200 pages, it seems a bit dragged, and I'm seriously hoping that very soon, a little is revealed about the murderer, because all my clever theories so far have been completely shut down by a good friend who "promises it gets good."

I'm going to push through, hopefully finishing this one by the end of the week. Fingers crossed it gets a bit juicer, I'll report back on the outcome!

Anyone else read this one/any Gillian Flynn's? What did you think of Gone Girl (film or book?) and lastly... Whats everyone reading right now? I could do with a summer list! 



  1. I actually just posted a few summer reads over on my blog if you're interested. Go take a look!
    ~ Sanjana

  2. Oh sweet yeah I'll read it now, for some reason your blog posts don't come up in my blog feed? I'll have to try and sort that out! Thanks for reminding me :/