Vegetarian Lunch at The Gate, Angel

Saturday 21st November marked my dad's 57th birthday. To celebrate in Dad's true vegetarian style, we visited The Gate restaurant in Angel, about a 20 minute bus journey from King's Cross. I was a little apprehensive of going all-out veggie for an afternoon. (I'm a real sucker for a spag bol, a BBQ burger or a nice meaty burrito.. Oooo..) But I gritted my teeth and knuckled down, and have to say I rather enjoyed it.


A selection of starters, including pickled carrot, mustard seed potato cakes, smoked tofu and quiche. Deliciously light, but the bursts of flavour took me back a bit. Absolutely fell in love with the potato cakes, and the mustard gives the ensemble a raunchy kiss.


I settled for a rather safe bean burger. Although quite plain tasting,  the saving grace were the mozzarella sticks, which were the perfect marriage of cheesy and moreish. However mum ordered a Thai platter, and I was instantly jealous. Dips of salsa and chickpeas, wraps and deep fried vegetable balls..? Yes please. Brother went for a Mexican taco, Dad choose a weird aubergine contraption. 



This is where I often feel a little hard done by. I was born with a massive sweet tooth.... and a intollerance to dairy. Meaning that while I started on my inevitable sorbet, my family salivated over cheesecake, ice cream, and chocolate brownies drizzled in creamy white chocolate sauce. Boo.

Over all, the meal was a success. My previous reservations about the food being bland were completely reversed, and I was left feeling stuffed but satisfied. The winner for me was the mozzarella sticks along side the intriguing platter for starter. If you ever find yourself in the north of London looking for a healthy substitute for a big mac, definitely give The Gate in Islington a try.

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