Lemon and Chilli Tempura Prawns

After having seafood linguini along the Italian coast this August, Ive been dying to perfect a seafood snack of my own. Routing around in the cupboard proves that I did not have enough for a big fancy three course meal, but somehow I managed to whip up this... Prawn Tempura, the batter uses only 5 ingredients and is probably one of the most addictive dishes I've ever made. Here's my recipe, after a few attempts, I think I've finally mastered my own lemon and chilli tempura prawns!
450g Peeled Prawns
70g Plain Flour
60ml Cold Water
1 Egg
Juice of Half a Lemon
1/4 teaspoon chilli powder
  1. Whisk ingredients together in a medium bowl until the batter is smooth. The key to a light crispy batter is to keep the batter cold, so use ice cold water or refrigerate for 30 minutes before frying. 
  2. Now's the bit I got wrong for the first attempt. Pour enough frying oil into the pan to fill 1 inch of the bottom and use the highest possible heat, waiting for a rolling boil. I didn't wait for the oil to heat up enough before dunking my first prawn, and it ended up a soggy mess! 
  3. Dip each prawn in your batter and use a large slatted serving spoon to lower them into the water. Each prawn should take up to a minute to fry, and will be golden brown when done. Be very careful as the pan is likely to spit. Retrieve the cooked prawns and place on a sheet of kitchen towel to absorb any left over oil. 

I served mine with a bed of avocados, and drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce, although on their own or with a little soy sauce could also work great. 

What did you think of this dish? Tried any other flavour combinations that go well with prawns? Leave your tips or suggestions below!

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