Trying The Big Cheese at Oowee Diner

Friday, 1 June 2018

If there's one thing that's been on my list since I've moved, it's to visit bristol's favourite burger place, Oowee Diner. Their social media accounts are full of sexy close-up junk food shots, and I'm always getting snapchats off people getting their burgers delivered to their doors after a night out. Last week the clouds cleared and the weather was pleasant, so Chloe and I, armed with cameras and empty stomachs, headed off to Oowee Diner.

First thing I noticed was how heavily branded the place was. There were neon signs everywhere, and the room was plastered with red and white Oowee Diner logos. I felt like I'd walked out of Bristol and stepped into a retro American diner.

After ordering our burgers (The Big Cheese - a double burger... yes please) we were given this little device and were told it would buzz when our order was ready to collect, no waitress necessary.

After what was probably the best of five to ten minutes, but what felt like a lifetime, we got our burgers. I also ordered a coke because there was no way I was going to attempt a double cheeseburger without some sort of aid.

Now for the first test: visuals. Would this compare to the mouth watering photos on their instagram account? Could a cheeseburger really be that stringy and the bread that soft? The simple answer to that is, yes. It was more of a cheesy sauce than a slice of melted cheese, and the bread was falling apart a little in places, but my god I was pretty mesmerised by how beautiful it looked.

Fast forward three minutes into eating and it was a completely different story. The burgers had somehow slid apart, the cheese was on my hands and hair, and half the bread was torn beyond repair. Although at that moment none of that mattered, because this was by far the best burger I'd ever eaten. It was pink in the middle, the cheese was tangy, the bread was warm and on top of it all, I had double the amount of burger to get through.

Oowee Diner has moved from my must-try list to my favourite-burger list in one visit. If this experience has taught me anything, its that if a burger looks too good to be true on Instagram, you must by all means possible try to eat that burger. Have you tried Oowee diner? Or recommend any other contenders I should scout out for my next meal? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I'm so glad you made a beeline to Oowee! It is BY FAR the best burger place in Bristol - don't let anyone tell you otherwise (seriously, Three Brothers and The Burger Joint are absolute no-gos).
    Even though I don't eat (much) meat anymore Oowee is still my number 1 - they do amazing vegan and veggie options and the staff are always so lovely, too. Once when I ordered a veggie burger on Deliveroo they forgot my cheese so they said I could have a free one next time I go in!
    Also, I must mention the waffle fries - they.are.AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Naomi x


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