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I'm a born and raised East Londoner, which means I grew up with the gentrification of the city. I quickly became accustomed to typewriting, vintage cameras, topknots and people walking their emu's around borough market. Okay, maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration...

I actually started my blog Beth Stumbles way back in 2015, and had another blog before that all the way in 2012 (yes, blogging did exist then). I was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from Panasonic for my photography back then, but I was very young and eventually decided to take an overdue break from blogging and go and explore the globe a tad. I did a year studing Photography, Media, English and Psychology before setting off around Europe equipt with my camera. Since then I managed to land myself a swanky job in tech, and now I'm absolutely teeming with ideas and blog posts scheduled in!

Join me for the ride and please please please tweet me your blog links, I read them every day!

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